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Telemedicine involves the use of communications technology to deliver healthcare from distance. This could involve providing remote care in your home, or specialist advice to your GP in his surgery.

Telemedicine – Ideal for Heart Conditions

Telemedicine is now increasingly used to monitor the condition of people with chronic heart conditions, from the comfort of their own home. It is especially suited to situations such as:

  • Monitoring heart condition from your home.
  • Monitoring blood pressure from your home
  • Expert interpreting ECGs by specialists remote from the GPs surgery.

It is likely that telemedicine will have a significant effect on the way that clinical care is delivered in the future.

Broomwell Healthwatch offers GP practices, medical centres and hospitals access to immediate, expert, clinician interpretation of ECGs while the patient is presenting at the surgery. This telemedicine approach saves money for the NHS by significantly reducing the need for referrals to the secondary sector. Telemedicine enables GPs to make better-informed diagnoses and the speed of the diagnosis can be critical. The ECG expertise is often able to detect symptoms requiring immediate attention, which can even save lives.Conversely a delay in diagnosis can cause irreversible damage.

Monitoring for other health conditions at home

Broomwell Healthwatch offers systems to monitor several health conditions from your home:

  • Weight control - for patients suffering from congestive heart failure (CHF)
  • Peak Flow - for suffers of chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD)
  • Oxygen level, SPO2 - for chronic respiratory diseases and CHF

Congestive heart failure and chronic respiratory diseases

People with congestive heart failure (CHF) or chronic respiratory diseases can now monitor their oxygen level (SPO2). When doctors require clients to be regularly monitored, the monitoring can be done from the comfort and convenience of home without the need to attend clinic or hospital.

Weight Monitoring

Patients who require their weight to be monitored regularly can be reassured and helped through their regime without leaving their home.
The simple to use weight scales can transmit a patient’s weight to the monitoring centre from their home.
Broomwell’s monitoring centre will detect weight variations which fall outside pre-set parameters and notify the patient’s surgery.

SHL Telemedicine

SHL Telemedicine specialises in cardiac evaluation, supervision and care services. Subscribers can connect to the SHL Telemedicine medical monitoring centre whether at home, at work or abroad. Advanced technology enables SHL Telemedicine to listen to subscribers heartbeats and respond with advice.

A personal electronic medical record is created for each person. This will include medical details that contain a reference to an ECG reading. In addition the customer is equipped with a personal device, which is easy to use and them enables to send a complete ECG. Upon your call to the medical monitoring centre, the electronic medical record is retrieved and automatically updated with the transmitted customer data. The medical monitoring centre then provides medical consultation to you over the telephone.

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