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The Niche Platform Lift – Low Running Costs by Design

The Niche Platform Lift's design enables the total installed price of this platform lift to be much lower than that of a traditional lift. The running and service costs of this platform lift are also low. Servicing can be done from inside the shaft enclosure of the platform lift, enabling service costs to be minimised.

Platform Lift – Design for Usability

The Niche platform lift's controls and buttons are ergonomically placed for the convenience of the wheelchair user and are easily operated from a seated position. This platform lift has constant pressure buttons as a standard feature.

Platform Lift – Feature Options

The specifier is able to select from a range of options relating to door arrangement, number of stops, glass shaft and powered doors. This enables the manufacturer to construct the platform lift to a precise specification.

Platform Lift Aesthetics

Each platform lift should compliment its environment. Niche have focussed attention on the aesthetics and design of their platform lift. The control panel has comfortable push buttons with clear symbols. Discrete illumination on the manoeuvring panel provides lighting over the platform. The self contained platform lift enclosure is fitted with white steel powder coated panels as standard. Optionally, the platform lift can be provided with glazed panels to three sides. The Niche Platform Lift is also offered with aluminium framed glass panels.

Platform Lift - Installation Friendly Design & Energy Efficient

The Niche Platform Lift is a self contained design, with an electrical plug-in system. As such, this platform lift requires the minimum of site preparation work. The platform lift can be installed in existing environments, no pit is required. The mechanical and electrical controls of the platform lift are placed within the shaft, so a separate machinery room is not required. The Niche Platform Lift is also energy efficient, easy to install and maintain.

Platform Lift – Low Buying Cost & Easy Installation

The Niche Platform Lift is easy to produce and quick to install. So delivery times are short and the buying price of this platform lift can be kept low. Minimal space is required for the installation of this platform lift, which makes the maximum use of platform size and door opening.

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The Niche Platform Lift – Low Running Costs by Design

Platform Lift - Low Cost, Easy to Install, Energy Efficient, Low Service Cost.
Minimum Space Required For Installation.

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