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Many property owners looking to protect their homes simply want cheap home insurance – however, if you are living with a disability or struggle with your mobility then there is much more to consider than price alone.

If you have made mobility adaptations to your home – such as installing stairlifts, bathing and kitchen aids or you own risers or recliners – then it’s vital to ensure that they are repaired or replaced quickly following an insured event. So what should you look for from a home insurance policy to cover these mobility aids?

Home insurance – The basics

There are two aspects to home insurance cover that can either be taken out separately or combined into one policy. These are:

Buildings insurance: To protect the structure of your home and its permanent fixtures and fittings. Typically your home will be protected against risks including malicious damage, theft, flooding, fires, subsidence and storm damage.

Contents insurance: This protects the items you keep within a home such as electrical equipment, clothing, furniture, carpets, curtains, and so on. Typically these items will be protected against risks including flooding, theft, storm damage, vandalism and fires.

When choosing a home insurance policy you should assess what protection is offered and whether there are any exclusions – these are circumstances in which you will not be covered. Pay attention to the sum insured – this is the maximum amount you can make on a claim; and ‘single item’ limits which is the most you can claim for an individual item – items worth more than the limit will usually have to be insured separately on a policy.

Also consider the policy excess. For example, if you have an excess of £100 and you make a claim for £800 then you pay £100 and the insurer pays the remaining £700. Increasing the excess could lower premiums but be careful to keep it at a level you can comfortably afford.


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