Whitley Bay Osteopathic Centre

Whitley Bay Osteopathic Centre

Osteopathy is a hands on practice both literally and figuratively. The latter meaning is applied here as Osteopaths consider their job is to examine and in time help the body along with the healing processes that naturally occur in the body. They do this by manually working certain parts of the body to allow this natural healing as osteopaths believe all body parts are interlinked and have knock on affects to other parts of the body.

Treatment Methods

If necessary after the initial assessment and examination the appropriate treatment program will be devised. Improvements in symptoms are usually seen by the patient within three sessions. However the honesty of the patient is crucial as the feed back to the treatment determines the route and pace of the treatment and therefore the process.

Working hands on both to investigate and treat the underlying cause of pain osteopaths assess and work with each patient individually.

Symptoms Treated

The number of patients and the conditions they bring to Whitley Bay Osteopathic Centre for treatment is extremely varied.

Below are listed just some of the issues treated by osteopathy:

  • Back & neck pain
  • Spinal and postural problems (including pregnancy)
  • Repetitive strain injuries
  • Joint problems and arthritic pain
  • Headaches
  • Postural problems (including pregnancy)
  • Various childhood problems

Getting Started

Starting treatment at Whitley Bay Osteopathic Centre will begin with your first appointment where basic details will be obtained such as relevant previous occupations and date of birth etc. This is simply to build up a brief of picture of how you use your body and the amount of strain and stress it has endured up until your first appointment. When working with the mechanical structure and complexity of the body its clear to see why this information is essential before treatment can commence.

As part of the law all osteopaths must be registered and work in compliance with the General Osteopathic Council (GOsC). This council was established to regulate the profession from training courses to professional proficiencies and the professions code of conduct.

Contact us

For more details concerning osteopathy please contact:

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