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6 Possible Reasons for your Headache or Migraine

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pills signedDo you suffer with frequent headaches or migraine? This is a problem for many people, and it can affect just about everything you try to do throughout the day. It could be down to the foods you are eating, your stress levels, issues with your eyes or a number of other things. Here is a list of possible suspects:-

1. Foods

There are specific culprit foods which can trigger migraine in particular, including chocolate, cheese, pickles, chilli peppers, olives, citrus fruits, processed meats and pizza [sorry]. Of course everybody is different and any of these foods may or may not affect migraine sufferers. They have though been frequently reported as triggers by a large proportion of people. Keep a note of what you have eaten before an attack to help identify your foods to avoid.

2. Sleep

Not enough or too much sleep is often responsible for causing migraine, meaning you may be wise to review your sleep patterns and balance them out.

3. Risk Factors

Women who develop persistent migraines and who smoke and are on birth control, are at increased risk of ischemic stroke and should consult their doctors. It is important not to ignore this kind of red flag and to seek advice.

4. Stress

Feeling stress is a common factor that will bring on a banging headache or even migraine, and many people have turned to solutions like meditation. Studies have shown a reduction in the amount and severity of migraines where this or other relaxation methods are practised.

5. External Causes

External influences such as flashing lights, pungent smells and extreme weather are known to encourage migraine. Try to avoid wherever possible.

6. Genes

Genetics could be at the bottom of your headache woes if other members of the family are sufferers and hormones are sometimes blamed too.

If you are plagued by headaches or migraines and are interested in their causes, treatment and management, try talking to Headache & Migraine Specialists on 0844 264 0305.

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The Advantages of Hydrotherapy for Health and Wellbeing

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water (2)
At, we understand that where there are issues with mobility, its important to seek out ways to improve comfort and lessen pain. As part of our service, we offer a wide range of tried and tested mobility aids to help when performing those daily tasks. On our website you will find walking aids, wheelchairs, bath and toilet devices, stairlifts, risers, recliners and scooters along with a selection of Bariatric products. Whether indoor or outdoor, we can provide the essentials to ease difficulties when moving about.

Bath Lifts

Our range covers every room in the home including the bedroom, kitchen and bathroom allowing increased freedom and independence. A collection of bath lifts to suit all needs includes purpose built solutions like the Relaxa bath lift. This wide belt retracts into its wall storage until needed, when it is pulled out and attached to a floor mounting bar. This device will gently lower you into the bath at the touch of a button. There is the ingenious Bath Buddy, featuring a portable, inflatable bath lift for use wherever you are, and the intuitive and versatile Bellavita bath lift.


Bathing has many benefits for those with mobility issues, apart from keeping clean. The health promoting and mood lifting advantages of water are well known and have been utilised for centuries. The ancient Greeks, Egyptians and Romans appreciated the esoteric medicinal properties of water and this formed a major part of their daily routine. Hydrotherapy is still used extensively as an aid to health and wellbeing, and therapy pools can be found worldwide. Water can limit pain and discomfort, rendering the body weightless and creating a pleasant soothing sensation.

Hydrotherapy can assist in the healing of injuries, reducing inflammation and stimulating bodily functions, which is why it is widely used in therapy pools, thermal baths, saunas and steam rooms everywhere. Spa holidays are hugely popular and usually feature hydrotherapy suites, and in fact having a hydrotherapy pool installed in the home is growing within the UK. This makes sense as you probably don’t relish the inconvenience and stress of travelling and waiting in queues. Your own pool would allow you to experience relief on a daily basis, just a few steps away.

Cleaning and servicing your pool is never a problem with companies such as Pool Maintenance Ltd, who are specialists in all forms of water treatment. They are experts when it comes to installation, cleaning, maintenance and repair of therapy pools, swim spas, saunas, steam rooms and tranquillity rooms. Clients of Pool Maintenance include the domestic sector along with hospitals, hotels and even canine therapy pools.

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Do You Have Constant Back or Neck Pain?

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When you look at any statistics relating to back pain within the UK, one thing stands out. That is that this type of pain is a huge issue, affecting a massive section of the population. This is due to factors such as the shift towards more sedentary roles within the workplace, like sitting at a computer. A lack of movement coupled with being in one position for prolonged periods, can inevitably lead to a number of problems.

The effects of bad posture are responsible for many incidences of chronic pain and discomfort of the back, neck and muscles, and result in millions of absences from work per year. This fact is confirmed by the Office for National Statistics (ONS), who assert after polling hundreds of thousands of people living in the UK, that musculoskeletal (MSK) conditions, account for a significant proportion of prolonged absences. Musculoskeletal (MSK) conditions include a wide range of bone and joint complaints, causing more painful health issues than any other ailment. Of course illnesses such as coughs and colds are to blame for a substantial chunk of time off work, although MSK’s are more likely to linger and develop into long term conditions.

The UK has one of the highest rates of absenteeism in Europe, with MSK’s being at the heart of the problem in many cases. Deskbound workers are often not given the health and safety consideration reserved for other occupations which involve more strenuous physical activity. Office workers themselves frequently disregard this aspect of their daily routine, yet they are also at risk of work related health issues.

Our web promotion partners Sports and Spinal Physio Ltd, based in Brentwood Essex, are dedicated to delivering a comprehensive range of solutions for those suffering from musculoskeletal problems. They offer the latest techniques in physiotherapy and rehabilitation treatments for anybody experiencing this type of pain. Whether its due to a work related issue, post surgery discomfort, an accident or a sports injury, Sports and Spinal Physio Ltd can help. Their team of qualified specialists and therapists have extensive knowledge of musculoskeletal conditions in all parts of the body including the head, neck, shoulder, back, upper limbs, hip area, lower limbs, calfs and feet.

One of their excellent tools is the Intervertebral Differential Dynamics (IDD) Therapy, a groundbreaking technology which is renowned for its positive results. Used as part of a complete package of care, this option helps mobilise the joints and discs, creating more flexibility and easing symptoms like persistent pain and stiffness. Call Sports and Spinal Physio Ltd, on 01277 219553 for advice or to book your FREE consultation.

Free Assessment for Back & Neck Pain, Non Surgical Treatment for Sciatica, Disc Related & Musculoskeletal (MSK) Conditions

Fire Alarms, Sprinkler Systems and Emergency Lighting

We would like to welcome Fire Logistics Ltd to our website with some information on fire safety products and training.

Newcastle based Fire Logistics Ltd was established in 1999. Since then they have become one of the leading fire safety consultancies in the North of England. Fire Logistics carry our fire risk assessments and run fire safety awareness course for companies throughout the UK. They assist companies in meeting legal fire safety requirements while reducing the risk of fires starting and protecting lives and property.

As acknowledge experts in the field, Fire Logistics are able to advise, supply and maintain an extensive range of fire safety products including fire alarms, sprinkler systems and fire extinguishers.

Different types of fire require different responses. Pouring water on oil fires or electrical fires will make a bad situation even worse. For this reason, Fire Logistics have fire extinguishers, fire hoses and fire blankets for every eventuality.

Fire Logistics work closely with businesses in all industries, designing, installing and maintaining fire alarms, smoke alarms, sprinkler systems and emergency lighting that is specific to the needs of the client. This reduces the cost, minimises the risk, and allows for an effective response in the event of fire.

From water and foam fire extinguishers, dry powder, wet chemical and CO2 fire extinguishers, to recessed fire hose reels and a range of fire extinguisher stands and cabinets, Fire Logistics Ltd have the right fire safety equipment on hand.

For more information, visit them at

Fire Alarms, Sprinkler Systems and Emergency Lighting

Whitley Bay Osteopathic Centre

Whitley Bay Osteopathic Centre

Osteopathy is a hands on practice both literally and figuratively. The latter meaning is applied here as Osteopaths consider their job is to examine and in time help the body along with the healing processes that naturally occur in the body. They do this by manually working certain parts of the body to allow this natural healing as osteopaths believe all body parts are interlinked and have knock on affects to other parts of the body.

Treatment Methods

If necessary after the initial assessment and examination the appropriate treatment program will be devised. Improvements in symptoms are usually seen by the patient within three sessions. However the honesty of the patient is crucial as the feed back to the treatment determines the route and pace of the treatment and therefore the process.

Working hands on both to investigate and treat the underlying cause of pain osteopaths assess and work with each patient individually.

Symptoms Treated

The number of patients and the conditions they bring to Whitley Bay Osteopathic Centre for treatment is extremely varied.

Below are listed just some of the issues treated by osteopathy:

  • Back & neck pain
  • Spinal and postural problems (including pregnancy)
  • Repetitive strain injuries
  • Joint problems and arthritic pain
  • Headaches
  • Postural problems (including pregnancy)
  • Various childhood problems

Getting Started

Starting treatment at Whitley Bay Osteopathic Centre will begin with your first appointment where basic details will be obtained such as relevant previous occupations and date of birth etc. This is simply to build up a brief of picture of how you use your body and the amount of strain and stress it has endured up until your first appointment. When working with the mechanical structure and complexity of the body its clear to see why this information is essential before treatment can commence.

As part of the law all osteopaths must be registered and work in compliance with the General Osteopathic Council (GOsC). This council was established to regulate the profession from training courses to professional proficiencies and the professions code of conduct.

Contact us

For more details concerning osteopathy please contact:

Whitley Bay Osteopathic Centre

65 Whitley Road

Whitley Bay

Tyne & Wear

NE26 2EP

Tel 0191 252 1555


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Effective Assessment and Relief of Headaches & Migraine

The Headache & Migraine Specialists group are a network of physiotherapists, neurologists and healthcare providers who have a shared commitment to improving the quality of life of people who suffer from recurrent headaches and migraine.

In an earlier entry on the disability-mobility blog, and in the Headache & Migraine Specialist article on our partner pages, we looked at the causes of headache and migraine.

The Headache & Migraine Specialist network are at the forefront of the treatment for head pain and their latest results show they are on the right lines. As part of the comprehensive screening and assessment process, patients are required to complete validated HIT-6 evaluation questionnaires before treatment begins, after treatment, and again at 3 month and 12 month intervals once treatment has finished.

Before treatment, 83% of patients described their pain as ‘severe’ or ‘substantial’. This figure fell to 27% following treatment. On a 10-point measure of pain, the average score was 8 before treatment coming down to an average of 2.5 immediately after treatment and rising only 0.5 over the subsequent 3 month period. Perhaps most tellingly of all, before treatment 74% of patients used medication ‘always’ or ‘usually’ to manage pain. This figure had fallen to only 9% after treatment with 64% of patients reporting that they no longer needed to use pain medication because of headache or migraine.

These results are achieved through successfully treating one of the most common yet overlooked contributory causes of migraine and headache. Cervicogenic pain in the neck and shoulders can be misinterpreted as head pain by the brain. Skillful manipulation by specially trained headache physiotherapists is highly effective in treating cervicogenic pain, leading to direct relief from headache and migraine.

For more information on the causes of headache & migraine, and the effective treatment of cervicogenic pain, visit

Effective Assessment and Relief of Headaches & Migraine

Travelling with Disability/Mobility Issues

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In Great Britain, the most commonly reported impairments are those that affect mobility, lifting or carrying. When movement is compromised, there are obvious difficulties travelling and accessing public transport, which the government have attempted to address. Transport sectors like trains, buses, taxis and planes adhere to helpful guidelines regarding assistance of their disabled passengers.


If you are wishing to travel by National Rail, you can call their helpline to inform staff and request attendance at the stations you are travelling to and from. You can also discover if the relevant stations have disabled access. There are specific areas intended for wheelchair use on most trains, and a ramp will enable wheelchair users to board and leave the train. You can also apply for a disabled persons railcard, giving you up to a third off your ticket.


When planning to fly and needing help at the airport, you must inform your airline at least 48 hours before your flight departure. Its a good idea to check what kind of disabled access and facilities there are at the airports you will be using. At all European airports you have the right to obtain help at particular terminal entrances, transport interchanges and car parks. You should also be offered assistance reaching check-in, being registered, moving through the airport and accessing toilets etc.

This help extends to passengers who have age related issues or are temporarily disabled, impaired or ill. A disabled person is allowed to fly with up to two items of mobility equipment free of charge.

Check out the individual rules regarding wheelchairs with your airline and tell them at least 48 hours in advance, if you will be travelling with a companion to allow them to arrange seating. If you wish to travel with an assistance dog, find out from your airline which documentation they require you to have.

Cars, Buses & Coaches

The DVLA provide information about what you need to do if you wish to drive with a disability or medical condition. You may be eligible for a Blue Badge, which will mean you can park nearer to your destination entrance.

You should apply for a free bus pass if you intend to use this form of transport, as these can be used anywhere in England and Wales. Bus and coach drivers are required to give reasonable assistance to disabled passengers, although you can request more active help if needed while booking your ticket.

There are many online companies such as where you can access quality disability and mobility products at reasonable prices. A range of wheelchairs, electric wheelchairs, disability scooters, stairlifts, bathing, toilet and personal care products, platform lifts and bariatric products are all available along with wheelchair hire. These mobility products for customers in Manchester, Merseyside, Lancashire and Cheshire can go a long way towards facilitating a more independent and fulfilled life.

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Mobility Scooters for Independent Living

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Mobility scooters are an excellent way to get around, giving many people with compromised mobility a freedom they may have thought was lost to them. There are class 1 mobility scooters intended for use on footways and footpaths only, with an upper speed limit of 4mph [6 km/h], and class 2 scooters, which are also permitted to be used on the road with an upper speed limit of 8 mph [12 km/h] when on the road.

It is important for users of mobility scooters to be aware of safety with regards to themselves and other pedestrians or road users. Owners of mobility scooters are not currently required to hold any insurance cover in relation to damage to their vehicle or a third party. Nor are the scooters themselves obliged to undergo safety checks to ascertain whether or not they are in good working order.

Modern scooters usually come equipped with front and rear lights, horn, basket and speed adjustment control. They are simple to operate, consisting of a lever which is pulled towards the handlebars in order to move forward and pushed away to reverse. When this lever is released the scooter will come to an immediate standstill. The speed adjustment feature is used to manually set the top speed of the scooter, maximising the safety aspect when being used in shopping centres and around other people.

Battery powered, they can be charged from a standard electrical outlet via an onboard, or separate battery charger unit. It is a good idea to allow your scooter to fully recharge after use, as this will prolong the life of the battery as well as increasing performance. The distance range of these mobility vehicles varies, with some traveling up to 20 miles on a single charge. Four wheel mobility scooters are usually fairly substantial, although it is possible to obtain portable models which are lightweight and fold-able in order to place them in the boot of a car.

Mobility scooters are just one of a whole range of mobility aids designed to enhance your every day living experience and assist you in travelling from A to B in comfort.

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Joint & Pain Relief from the Whitley Bay Osteopathic Centre

The Whitley Bay Osteopathic Centre is one of the foremost osteopathic clinics in the North East of England, attracting patients from Newcastle, Sunderland, North Tyneside, South Tyneside and Northumberland.

Osteopathy reflects the fact that the body is an integrated system where problems in one area can lead to pain in other areas. Osteopathy improves mobility, relaxes muscles, aids fluid drainage and stabilises the body. Osteopathy is highly effective in the treatment of muscular and skeletal conditions including:

  • Back Pain & Spinal Problems
  • Headaches & Migraine
  • Sciatica
  • Joint Pain & Arthritis
  • Sports Injuries
  • Repetitive Strain Injuries
  • Postural Problems
  • Childhood Problems & ‘Growing Pains’

Osteopathy is effective for women during pregnancy, helping the body to support natural changes in balance and posture.

Osteopathy is a ‘hands on’ therapy that varies in intensity from the light touch of cranial massage to the more dynamic High Velocity Thrust (HVT) treatment that often leads to the infamous ‘clicking’ sound with which osteopathy is often associated.  In most cases osteopathic treatment involves the comfortable stretching of muscles and ligaments in and around the affected areas.

All osteopaths should be registered with the General Osteopathic Council. Osteopathy is recognised by the NHS and is available through most private healthcare insurers subject to a referral from a GP. The Whitely Bay Osteopathic Centre regular receives referrals from GP’s, consultants and medical practitioners and many clients are referred by family and friends of existing patients.

A full medical history will be taken during the initial appointment as health and lifestyle factors play a crucial role in the treatment plan. Patients often feel an improvement in their condition following the first session and typically feel the full benefit after 3 or 4 treatments.

For more information on the Whitley Bay Osteopathic Centre visit or give them a call on (0191) 252 1555.

Diagnosis & Effective Treatment for Headaches & Migraines are delighted to launch our new blog with a feature on the Headache & Migraine Specialist network. Headache & Migraine Specialists are an organisation of physiotherapists and neurologists who are committed to improving the lives of people who suffer from debilitating pain.

In a new article on the partner pages of the website, Headache & Migraine Specialists describe a breakthrough in the diagnosis and treatment of head pain that affects millions of people throughout the UK.

The traditional path for people who suffer from headaches and migraines is for repeated visits to the GP, ever-increasing reliance on pain medication and referrals for scans that often fail to show anything.

The reason, according to the Headaches & Migraine Specialist group, is that GP’s are often looking in the wrong place for the cause of head pain. Practitioners with the Headache & Migraine Specialists network point to extensive research and their own experience that shows that in very many cases, head pain has its origin in tension and damage to the muscles and tendons in the shoulders and neck. The pain signals from these areas reach the brain via the cervicogenic neural pathways but are often experienced as head pain.

Physiotherapists who have been specially trained in the relief of cervicogenic headaches and migraine are able to relieve the head pain by focussing on the areas where the pain begins. In over 80% of cases, sufferers report an improvement in symptoms from the outset.

More information on the nature of headaches & migraines can be found at There is a step by step guide to understanding head pain and how physiotherapists within the group work with patients, GP’s and health organisations to put an end to the misery of headaches and migraines.