6 Possible Reasons for your Headache or Migraine

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pills signedDo you suffer with frequent headaches or migraine? This is a problem for many people, and it can affect just about everything you try to do throughout the day. It could be down to the foods you are eating, your stress levels, issues with your eyes or a number of other things. Here is a list of possible suspects:-

1. Foods

There are specific culprit foods which can trigger migraine in particular, including chocolate, cheese, pickles, chilli peppers, olives, citrus fruits, processed meats and pizza [sorry]. Of course everybody is different and any of these foods may or may not affect migraine sufferers. They have though been frequently reported as triggers by a large proportion of people. Keep a note of what you have eaten before an attack to help identify your foods to avoid.

2. Sleep

Not enough or too much sleep is often responsible for causing migraine, meaning you may be wise to review your sleep patterns and balance them out.

3. Risk Factors

Women who develop persistent migraines and who smoke and are on birth control, are at increased risk of ischemic stroke and should consult their doctors. It is important not to ignore this kind of red flag and to seek advice.

4. Stress

Feeling stress is a common factor that will bring on a banging headache or even migraine, and many people have turned to solutions like meditation. Studies have shown a reduction in the amount and severity of migraines where this or other relaxation methods are practised.

5. External Causes

External influences such as flashing lights, pungent smells and extreme weather are known to encourage migraine. Try to avoid wherever possible.

6. Genes

Genetics could be at the bottom of your headache woes if other members of the family are sufferers and hormones are sometimes blamed too.

If you are plagued by headaches or migraines and are interested in their causes, treatment and management, try talking to Headache & Migraine Specialists on 0844 264 0305.

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