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The Advantages of Hydrotherapy for Health and Wellbeing

High Quality Range of Mobility Aids, bath Lifts, Wheelchairs, Scooters, Risers & Recliners & Stairlifts

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At, we understand that where there are issues with mobility, its important to seek out ways to improve comfort and lessen pain. As part of our service, we offer a wide range of tried and tested mobility aids to help when performing those daily tasks. On our website you will find walking aids, wheelchairs, bath and toilet devices, stairlifts, risers, recliners and scooters along with a selection of Bariatric products. Whether indoor or outdoor, we can provide the essentials to ease difficulties when moving about.

Bath Lifts

Our range covers every room in the home including the bedroom, kitchen and bathroom allowing increased freedom and independence. A collection of bath lifts to suit all needs includes purpose built solutions like the Relaxa bath lift. This wide belt retracts into its wall storage until needed, when it is pulled out and attached to a floor mounting bar. This device will gently lower you into the bath at the touch of a button. There is the ingenious Bath Buddy, featuring a portable, inflatable bath lift for use wherever you are, and the intuitive and versatile Bellavita bath lift.


Bathing has many benefits for those with mobility issues, apart from keeping clean. The health promoting and mood lifting advantages of water are well known and have been utilised for centuries. The ancient Greeks, Egyptians and Romans appreciated the esoteric medicinal properties of water and this formed a major part of their daily routine. Hydrotherapy is still used extensively as an aid to health and wellbeing, and therapy pools can be found worldwide. Water can limit pain and discomfort, rendering the body weightless and creating a pleasant soothing sensation.

Hydrotherapy can assist in the healing of injuries, reducing inflammation and stimulating bodily functions, which is why it is widely used in therapy pools, thermal baths, saunas and steam rooms everywhere. Spa holidays are hugely popular and usually feature hydrotherapy suites, and in fact having a hydrotherapy pool installed in the home is growing within the UK. This makes sense as you probably don’t relish the inconvenience and stress of travelling and waiting in queues. Your own pool would allow you to experience relief on a daily basis, just a few steps away.

Cleaning and servicing your pool is never a problem with companies such as Pool Maintenance Ltd, who are specialists in all forms of water treatment. They are experts when it comes to installation, cleaning, maintenance and repair of therapy pools, swim spas, saunas, steam rooms and tranquillity rooms. Clients of Pool Maintenance include the domestic sector along with hospitals, hotels and even canine therapy pools.

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