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Diagnosis & Effective Treatment for Headaches & Migraines are delighted to launch our new blog with a feature on the Headache & Migraine Specialist network. Headache & Migraine Specialists are an organisation of physiotherapists and neurologists who are committed to improving the lives of people who suffer from debilitating pain.

In a new article on the partner pages of the website, Headache & Migraine Specialists describe a breakthrough in the diagnosis and treatment of head pain that affects millions of people throughout the UK.

The traditional path for people who suffer from headaches and migraines is for repeated visits to the GP, ever-increasing reliance on pain medication and referrals for scans that often fail to show anything.

The reason, according to the Headaches & Migraine Specialist group, is that GP’s are often looking in the wrong place for the cause of head pain. Practitioners with the Headache & Migraine Specialists network point to extensive research and their own experience that shows that in very many cases, head pain has its origin in tension and damage to the muscles and tendons in the shoulders and neck. The pain signals from these areas reach the brain via the cervicogenic neural pathways but are often experienced as head pain.

Physiotherapists who have been specially trained in the relief of cervicogenic headaches and migraine are able to relieve the head pain by focussing on the areas where the pain begins. In over 80% of cases, sufferers report an improvement in symptoms from the outset.

More information on the nature of headaches & migraines can be found at There is a step by step guide to understanding head pain and how physiotherapists within the group work with patients, GP’s and health organisations to put an end to the misery of headaches and migraines.