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The Sleepwell range of electric beds is extremely well designed for comfort and practicality.

Sleepwell Electric Beds
Additional features such as electric massage panels can bring the further benefits of increased circulation. Adjustable height beds are also a popular choice. Sleepwell Electric Beds
Adjustable Cot Sides

These adjustable cot sides are suitable for both single and double beds. Length, width and side height are adjustable.The side is lowered with push button release. These sides come apart for easy storage.

Width 33” – 54”
Length 50” – 74”
Height above bed base 14.5” – 23”

Adjustable cot sides are suitable for both single and double beds.

Bed Sitta Support

This armchair shaped support aids sitting up in bed. There are side pockets on the arms for storage of items.

Bed Sitta Support

Other Bed Equipment

Other bed equipment includes adjustable backrests, mattress toppers, bed/chair tables, mattress elevators, bed rails, bed levers, raisers and bed cradles

Other items in this group are riser chairs, leg rests, cushion covers and chair raisers. We have special cushions to alleviate pressure on the coccyx, relieving lower back pain and posture curves to provide support for the back.

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