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Risers and Recliners for independent Living

Riser recliners or 'lift chairs' as they are sometimes called are a real solution to the problem of compromised mobility in the home. They include many helpful features and are available in styles and designs to suit all. These chairs are cleverly designed to act as a helping hand to assist with manoeuvrability when sitting and standing.

At the lightest touch of a button these motorised armchairs begin to gently lift you into a standing position, stopping and starting when required and taking the strain out of everyday living. They can also with seating from a standing position, easing the user down carefully until seated.

Alternatively the chairs can be reclined to a comfortable and restful position allowing you to read, relax or even sleep and when you wish to change your position your chair will do the work for you.

Single Motor Riser and Recliner Chairs

Most electrically controlled riser and recliner chairs include a choice of single or dual motors. With the single motor the chair will recline to a certain point and the backrest and footplate work in conjunction with each other. Usually the footplate rises first then the backrest lowers to an angle of around 45 degrees known as a comfortable TV watching angle. These chairs are normally adjusted by a simple hand held device which affords complete, safe and immediate control. The control for the single motor chair is usually a two button hand held remote.

Dual Motor Riser and Recliner Chairs

The dual motor models have a slightly different, more individual recliner action enabling the backrest and footplate to be manoeuvred separately. Riser recliners in the Pride range incorporate an emergency back up facility in case of existing battery failure.
The hand control for Dual Motor Risers and Recliners has a few extra buttons and are some models have lockable controllers. Whichever motor you choose the riser function remains the same and can vastly improve comfort and ease of movement.

Riser Recliner Chairs Multi Functionality

Some riser-recliner manufacturers have been assisted in the development of the product by therapists, mobility organisations and also experienced users. This approach covers all angles and considerations such as the need for a variation in chair size to accommodate taller or shorter people. A large range of Riser Recliner chairs are designed for greater multifunctional convenience and incorporate cup holders, handy pockets and even fold away trays.

Riser Recliners can be supplied in a number of materials, styles and designs to compliment any home perfectly. Also available are a number of other quality products to facilitate independent living such as Powered Wheelchairs for increased mobility, Stairlifts in case of difficulty climbing stairs & Scooters enabling outdoor function.

Riser Recliner Chairs Electrically Controlled Chairs. Multi functional Design for Independent Living & Greater Mobility. Individual Backrest & Footplate action Single or Dual Motorised Armchairs. Emergency Back-up Battery, Lockable Controllers & Size Variations Therapists & Mobility Organisations. Powered Wheelchairs, Stairlifts, Scooters for Indoor & Outdoor Mobility.


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In this section:

Risers and Recliners for independent Living ››

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