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Assisted Bathing - Bath Lifts & Hydraulic/Seat Baths

The Relaxa Bath Lift – Retractable Wall Fitted Belt

The Bath Buddy – Portable, Inflatable Bath Lift

The Bellavita Bath Lift – Ergonomically Designed Bathing Aid

Bath Lifts for Assisted Bathing

There are several options for people who are not as mobile as they were, to make bathing easy and trouble free. If you wish to continue using your own bath but would like a little assistance getting in and out, it is simply a choice of which clever device to go for. With the latest range of bath lifts there is no need for the upheaval and expense of installing a specially designed bath. There are several purpose built solutions on the market which are easy to fit, use and maintain, each style and brand having its own unique features and advantages. Whatever size, decor or layout of bathroom you have there will be a product to suit your requirements.

The Relaxa Bath Lift – Retractable Wall Fitted Belt

The Relaxa Bath Lift is an uncomplicated idea incorporating a wide belt which can be pulled out of its storage wall-fitting, attached to its floor mounting bar and which will gently lower you down into the bath at the touch of a button. Simply touch another button to be lifted back up while the belt is neatly retracted back into its storage container. An in-built thermometer ensures that the water is at the correct temperature for comfort. One charge of the battery provides 20 lifts and is easy to remove for convenient overnight recharging.

The Bath Buddy – Portable, Inflatable Bath Lift

The Bath Buddy is an ingenious and fully portable bath lift which can be used in your existing bath and works by inflating or deflating when the soft touch button is pressed. You are in complete control of this bath aid and there are no metal parts to potentially scratch or damage your bath. All electrical components remain outside the bathroom so there is no messy installation just a convenient bathing experience. The Bath Buddy is compact and can be taken on holiday or on family visits allowing you the freedom to bath independently. Extra flexibility is ensured by the availability of left or right hand models.

The Bellavita Bath Lift – Ergonomically Designed Bathing Aid

This bath lift is a state of the art battery operated product designed with the help of nursing professionals and covering all considerations. Ergonomically designed it can be lowered to 6cm or raised to 48cm unlike most other bath lifts, with a reclining backrest reaching an unusual 50 degrees. This ultra modern lift is easily cleaned incorporating removable machine washable covers and ultra light fittings meaning it can be carried when travelling. Another helpful detail of this trouble free bath lift is the fold out side panels for a safe and easy transfer area.

The Bellavita bath lift has a built in safety feature preventing it from lowering if it senses that there is not enough power to raise back up.

The Molly Bather – Bath Lift with Drying Seat

Rechargeable battery operation means no dangerous electronic mains equipment involvement in the bathroom. With this system the study padded drying seat enables safe and supported transfer onto the retractable belt which then carefully lowers you into and back up out of the bath. There are five styles of mounting bracket including left or right control so lots of room for manoeuvre. This British built affordable bath lift allows you to use the complete length and depth of your existing bath and comes with a range of grab rails for your convenience and protection. With a unique removable and machine washable anti-slip cover and waterproof hand control the Molly Bather will ensure a pleasurable bath time.

Bath Lift & Hydraulic Seat Lifts Assisted Bathing, Retractable Belt Wall Fitting & Built-in Thermometer. Rechargeable Battery operation, Portable & Inflatable, Soft Touch Hand Control. Ergonomically Designed Bathing Aid, Machine Washable Covers. Ultra Light Fittings for Transporting, Back Rest, Safe Secure, Fold Out Side Panels. Padded Drying Seat, British Built, Affordable with Grab Rails & Washable Anti-Slip Cover.


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